Friday, March 26, 2010


I decided to blog with a tidbit from one of my stories. I think it's funny. What can I say? I have a warped sense of humor. It's from the hero's POV.

He shifted in the driver’s seat of his marked SUV and stared at the mansion in front of him. He’d hoped something would click and tell him what had happened there two days ago. Even looking at the Farley place with an eye for detail, examining every window covered by blinds or curtains, it still gave off an air of being closed up and empty, not revealing anything.

Today was his day off, if there was such of thing for a small county sheriff. But this was definitely a time for overtime. Two deaths were two too many for the little county seat. The last person to die of unnatural causes in Sand City was Jeff Mason about ten years ago. His wife had purposely and fatally run over him with the tractor as she’d found out he’d gambled their farm away at a casino in Mississippi. Truth be told, losing her family homestead was bad enough, but she also found out he’d taken a million dollar life insurance policy on her and planned to spend it on his girlfriend.

And how did she find out about the policy? Five minutes before he’d died, he tried to shoot her with his hunting bow but missed. When she’d jerked the bow out of his hands, he took off across the corn field, yelling at her about the policy and his pregnant girlfriend. He never was very bright. She’d jumped in the tractor and did the deed. Later, in court she’d pleaded self-defense. It would’ve worked too except she ran over him twice and then got off the tractor and shot three arrows in his groin. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be too thorough.

I thankful for knowing several talented women who are so kind to me. Diane Richmond, JoAnn Weatherly, Christy Reece, Laura Hayden, Jeanie Therkelsen, Jennifer Echols, and so many more.