Thursday, September 30, 2010

In Memory Of

When my sister and I were growing up, we enjoyed watching all kinds of movies on television during Saturday and Sunday afternoons. In each movie we would pick our favorite characters. She usually went for the serious male lead. While I would set my eyes on the funny male character. So she would love Dean Martin and I was crazy for Jerry Lewis. Hers was Paul Newman. Mine was Tony Curtis.

Mr. Curtis died yesterday at the age of 85. He was one of those fellows who looked so good but had a sense of humor. I remember seeing a biography on him once. He and his first wife, Janet Leigh, would have friends over and make home movies with everyone playing parts. I always wished I was one of their kids. It looked like so much fun.

On an ironic note, today is the Flintstones’s 50th Anniversary. Tony lent his voice for Stoney Curtis, a character based on him.

(And as kids, my sister’s favorite musician was Paul McCartney and mine was Ringo Starr.)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Perhaps they were right in putting love into books... Perhaps it could not live anywhere else.

William Faulkner

(Just like a man - talk about cynical.)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I watched a new show tonight that surprised me in being so funny. RAISING HOPE. It has what I like to call heart. Shows people in crazy situations who can laugh at themselves.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I've noticed a new trend in the rejections I've been getting lately. The agent or editor will say things like "You are a talented writer..." "Your writing is very good..." "I did enjoy your writing..." "I admired your writing...".

Of course, this could be a new thing all of them started doing. BUT, I have to think it means I've improved and about to take flight and grab that star I've been reaching for for so long.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quote For The Day

One of the things being in politics has taught me is that men are not a reasoned or reasonable sex.

Margaret Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1979 to 1990.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heroes - Part 2

It appears someone ratted me out. Candi? LOL! Panama's hero sent me pictures so everyone could see how much his dog has improved. They start with him being a starved little puppy to a happy, loved doggy. Look at that face!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fell Off The Wagon

No. I'm not drinking. Though a margarita would be good about now. The last few months, I've been goofing off more than doing any writing. Well, it's time to get in the driver's seat and head this team out. Sounds like I'm writing a western. But no.

I've been editing my first person vampire book. It's a lot better than I thought. I feel good about it. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


No. I'm not talking about arguing and then making up with someone. I'm not talking about foundation that you put on your face. That is if you're a woman...well, nowadays, I guess it could be anyone.

A few months ago, I purchased a bottle of expensive makeup that would help keep wrinkles away. Yes. I've been thinking about that especially after I had surgery a few years ago and dark circles/bags showed up beneath my eyes. Those are gone (almost) now with the help of some wonderful creams. Anyway, I bought the makeup and used it some months ago and didn't use it again until yesterday.

Oh, my, I remembered why I hadn't continued to use it. The stuff made my eyes sting and burn yesterday. By the time I got home I was sick. I quickly washed it off and put it up. I just can't make myself throw it away. Remember, I said "EXPENSIVE." I'll see if someone else might want to try it. It has a pump on it, so it shouldn't have any of my germs in it. And it probably won't bother other people.

Thankfully, I have another jar of makeup waiting. The stuff I usually use. No one would ever want me to go out and about without makeup on. Too scary.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, My - Part 2

Several of the new TV shows came on tonight and one I've been waiting for is on now. So talk with you tomorrow. For now I'm watching Alex. Yum!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Writing Cave

You've heard of a Man Cave, right? You know, where a guy can go and watch sports on a big screen TV and drink beer and fart without worry of offending the women in the household.

Well, today I read an advertisement about a Mom Cave. If I remember correctly, it was for decorating supplies. Anyway, I thought it was a great thought. My hubby has given his Man Cave to me. Isn't that sweet? I didn't nag or bother him. It was his idea.

Hmmm. What does he want? What has he done wrong? No. No. No. :sigh: Whatever it was, I'm benefiting and I won't look a horse in the mouth.

I don't think I'll call it a Mom Cave as I no longer have any little ones at home. So let's call it a Writing Cave. It's where I will get inspired and maybe even write or revise my first published book. Hey, I have nine completed books I can work with. Or is that ten? I can't remember anymore.

I'm so excited and ready to move in. He's painted the walls a light golden yellow (like honey). It has French doors on both ends with white trim. So plenty of light to energize me. He's putting in loads of shelves for books. When it's done, I'll post a picture of it.

After he finishes that room, we're (I'll supply money and a few opinions, but he keeps me away as he likes to be in control) redoing the main bath. Can't wait for that too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yes, That Time Again

Come over to Romance Magicians' blog and read about being polite. As you know, I'm no Miss Manners.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Traveling At Night

Wow! Last night, for some reason, there were so many big trucks out on the road. On one stretch of the interstate I could see for over a mile on the opposite side. There had to be at less fifteen, one after another. My dad said truck drivers liked to run at night because there weren't as many crazy car drivers or strict officers. They usually made better timing too.

Anyway, it was cool. It's also a sign that someone is buying and selling something. Maybe a good sign for the economy. I hope so.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Quote

"Any woman in this house is a whore, my child. So, for that matter, are the men. Let me get you a glass of wine and we can discuss this." The King of Hell, Viscount Rohan to Elinor Harriman

Anne Stuart's RUTHLESS

Delightful book and the next one RECKLESS was wonderful too. Anne writes some of the most spine-tingling, sexy anti-heroes I love to read.

[Note: I'm late posting because my internet keeps going out at my house. So frustrating!]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Linda Howard Award of Excellence

Southern Magic’s 2011 Linda Howard Award of Excellence for unpublished writers

No synopsis needed for first round judging.
Discounts for entering early and/or for judging other categories.
Early bird deadline October 1, 2010
Entry deadline October 11, 2010
Finalists can revised their entry before going to final judge.
We are now taking entries!
For rules and entry form, check it out at


Series/Short & Long Contemporary
Susan Litman, Editor, Harlequin

Single Title
Latoya Smith, Editor, Grand Central Publishers

Romantic Suspense
Kate Collins, Senior Editor, Ballantine

Margo Lipschultz, Associate Editor

Unique Genres (Paranormal, Futuristic, Fantasy, Time Travel)
Melissa Frain, Editor, Tor

Young Adult
Alicia Condon, Editorial Director, Kensington

The Write Magic
For Southern Magic members only
Sara Megibow, Associate Agent, Nelson Literary Agency

Be sure to tell everyone about it. Go the website (link above) and check out the details.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Well, Isn't This Something?

Yesterday, my post was about a changing of the tides, sort of. That something good would happen. LOL! Maybe nothing real big but I do love winning stuff. I use to win door prizes all the time and this is kind of like that.

Ellora's Cave's blog was having a little contest and I was one of the winners. Like I said, it's nothing big, but it was fun and made my day. I've learned to appreciate the small wins in life. So now I own my buddy's, Naima Simone, first e-book.

If you're interested in reading a short story of hers, you can get a free copy of that one by clicking on the word download.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


You know me and my dreams. I love trying to deciper them. Last night I dreamed two different ones but both had something where I turned and look out a window or at a picture and it changed from black to white. Like storm clouds leaving and sunshine streaming in. Nothing else of the dreams stuck with me.

I looked it up online to see what they could mean and couldn't really find anything. But I'm taking it to mean whatever dark cloud I've been living under for a long time has gone away. And good things are on their way.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh, My!

Remember this fellow from Moonlight, the cancelled vampire series, from a couple years ago? Oh, my. He's still gorgeous.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nice Touch Commericals

Though I don't have AT&T, I like their commercials. The music and the concepts.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


You know, there are real heroes out in the world who don't receive medals or big money rewards.

One fellow at work is one. About a year ago, he heard someone in the office talking about the sad, mistreated dog wandering around outside. Heartbroken for the animal, he took the poor dog to a vet. The dog had so many problems most people would've put him to sleep. Instead he paid for the dog's treatments. It was such a long list, I don't remember half of them. Anyway, the vet warned the treatments would be expensive and then he offered a steep discount. Because of the fellow at work (and the vet) the dog is still alive. Now his name is Panama (it actually fits) and he's so happy and healthy as possible.

I use to work with a lady whose husband did something so giving, it brought tears to my eyes. And I was told he did it often. He was walking into a business in a low rent area of downtown Birmingham and spotted two little boys riding their bicycles up and down the sidewalks. A third little boy sat on the steps watching them. He looked so sad.

The man asked, "Why aren't you riding your bike with the other boys?"

The young fellow said, "I don't have a bike."

He looked around. "Stay here. I'll be back." Thirty minutes later, he pulls up in front of the building and sure enough the boy was still there. The man unloaded a brand new bike from the back of his truck. "Here you go."

The boy, eyes wide, asked, "For me?"

The man said, "Yes. Go ahead and tell your mom it was a gift."

The little boy got on the bike, smiling ear to ear, and rode away. He didn't say thank you, but to the man, the smile was enough.

[Edited 9/23/10]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Temper, Temper

I lost my temper today. I hate doing that. It's never positive or the right thing to do. It wasn't nothing drastic or important. That only makes it worse. It even makes me sick to my stomach. Really. Physically ill. That's why I avoid drama. Thankfully it doesn't happen often.


I'll pray about it and move on and work at being a better person tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Books, Books, Books

Miscellaneous comments about books.

I've gotten my TBR pile down to a reasonable number by giving many of them away. I'm so proud.

You should see my study though. Paper and books everywhere. I hate that it's so messy. No. I won't take a picture. I'm too ashamed.

On another blog I was reading about someone in Florida planning to burn the Quran in protest of 9/11. Sheez! Don't take it out on the book. Instead live a good Christian life and that'll show them.

The only time I've destroyed a book was when the cover and blurb claimed it was a romance but they lied. It did have a romance in it, but when the hero and heroine got back together after whatever conflict kept them apart, the heroine died. Yep. You read it right. DIED! She freaking died! I had invested several days in reading this fat ass novel and the woman died in the end. I didn't shed one tear. Instead I tore it in half and threw it away. I can tell you I've never done anything like that before or since.

Nowadays, I make sure my romances end happy with the two main characters alive, in love, and making love like crazed monkeys.

Monday, September 6, 2010


I've decided one of my favorite words is LOOK. Why? Maybe because it was one of the first words I learned. Look at Jane run. Look, Jane, look.

What other word works with eyes in the middle and matches the meaning?

Sunday, September 5, 2010


One of the things I hate about being overweight is having people pretend you're invisible. Well, exactly not just people, but men. It's amazing how if you look them in the eye at the grocery store, they'll get almost a panic look on their face. They're either trying to remember where they know you or hoping you won't flirt with them. Not that I would do the latter.

And don't get me started on being over that certain age...geez!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beautiful Day

It was beautiful today. The sky was so blue it looked painted on. Started out in the low to mid-70's and got no higher than 82. I opened the sunroof and rolled down the windows of my new-to-me car. Life is good. God is good.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yep, That's Him

My dad has/had several siblings. My Uncle Freeman has always be one of my favorites. I like his voice. He sounds like the Old South. Let's see if I can describe it. Hmmm. He pronounces his vowels long like any Southern, but rarely drops his G's. He sounds like he's almost hoarse but with a softness. When I hear him, I automatically think of mint juleps, long porches with rocking chairs lined up and ready for wasting the day away, humid summer days and paper church fans.

Anyway, I recently found out my uncle is rather well-known to football fans, especially to those in Alabama. Click here to read the article about him and his late wife.

Fascinating what you turn up about family members on the internet. See. I should go to more family reunions. It has been over twenty years since I've been to one of my dad's side.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

YAHOO Loops and RWA

We members of RWA love our YAHOO loops. We have one for the general membership in our chapter and hundreds of others for every special group or interest you can imagine. Every day I read emails from around ten loops (and have ten more I've set at no-mail) and most of those are set on digest (means you get around ten or more emails in one long email).

On saying all of that, PEOPLE! Please trim your emails before replying!!!! I hate reading the same email over over again in my effort to get to the new ones. Just pure laziness. Oh, on their part, not mine. I trim mine. It's only polite.

Feeling better. Sheesh! I'm an old gripe lately.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where Did They Go?

I heard people talking all the time about meeting up with old friends on FaceBook. Well, where in the heck are my old friends? I swear I had some while growing up. One of the disadvantages women have is that we change our last name. My maiden name is in my FaceBook info, but a lot of women don't think to do that.

So if you know the following people who went to Erwin High School, let me know.

Janet Nolde
Veta Bailey
Patricia Cartwright
Margaret Owens
Ninfa Phillips
Stacia Fordham
Bonnie Greathouse

Yeah, I even looked under my high school's FaceBook page. No luck.