Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Linda Howard Award of Excellence

Southern Magic’s 2011 Linda Howard Award of Excellence for unpublished writers

No synopsis needed for first round judging.
Discounts for entering early and/or for judging other categories.
Early bird deadline October 1, 2010
Entry deadline October 11, 2010
Finalists can revised their entry before going to final judge.
We are now taking entries!
For rules and entry form, check it out at


Series/Short & Long Contemporary
Susan Litman, Editor, Harlequin

Single Title
Latoya Smith, Editor, Grand Central Publishers

Romantic Suspense
Kate Collins, Senior Editor, Ballantine

Margo Lipschultz, Associate Editor

Unique Genres (Paranormal, Futuristic, Fantasy, Time Travel)
Melissa Frain, Editor, Tor

Young Adult
Alicia Condon, Editorial Director, Kensington

The Write Magic
For Southern Magic members only
Sara Megibow, Associate Agent, Nelson Literary Agency

Be sure to tell everyone about it. Go the website (link above) and check out the details.