Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taking Pictures On The Road

My oldest daughter teases me about how I like to take pictures while driving. I promise if there were cars around me, I wouldn't do it. See the one I took this week. It's beautiful -- not because I took the picture, but because God decided to show off His sky. Awesome.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She'll Be Missed

When I heard Kate Duffy, Editorial Director at Kensington, had passed away, I was heartbroken. I had the pleasure meeting her a couple times and dealing with her a little in a contest. She was one of the final judges in the first Linda Howard Award of Excellence contest. I liked her so much and really wanted her to give me THE CALL.

Then I read the Publisher’s Lunch notation about her passing and discovered she was the founding editor of Silhouette Books and founder of Pocket’s Tapestry Books, that reconfirmed my belief the woman was smart. I remember in the seventies and eighties reading books from those lines and thinking how they were just the type of books I loved. (That's when I started reading Linda Howard's books.) They were different than Harlequin’s (Silhouette wasn’t owned by them at that time), a little hotter and more current. I knew Brava Books were her baby and I’m not surprised I enjoy those too.

She died too young.

I’ll miss her.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

They're Crazy!

Today while pumping gas, the man at the next pump was talking and laughing. The scary part was he had no one around him but me and he wasn't talking to me. I thought to myself, "Ahh, he has one of those cell phone Blue Tooth ear thingamajiggies." They always make me think of Star Trek gadgets. Then he turned around. Nothing. Just ear.

He was crazy. And driving! Yikes!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thankful Friday

I'm thankful I have something besides work to occupy my time. Too many people go to work, come home to cook and clean and that's it. Maybe see family once or twice a month or just during the holidays. Now, this is referring to people my age. So when you're raising children, that's totally different.

For me, by just wanting to be published and working toward that goal, I feel like I spend my time more wisely than others.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Season

It's that time of the year again. New television shows or their new season of old shows. So many to choose from. THE BIG BANG THEORY, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, FLASHFORWARD, NCIS, NCIS: LOS ANGELES, THE GOOD WIFE, EASTWICK, STARGATE UNIVERSE, ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE.

And so many more I've missed and will try to catch. Too much TV hurts my writing. LOL!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Everyday I pull my cell phone out of my purse and place it on the desk next to me. I go to lunch and take it with me and it's there nearby in case I get THAT CALL. I guess you can call that optimism.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Same But Different

I've been so cautious the last few years to look inside the covers of the books I pick up. Especially those I haven't planned to buy. You know, you're in a book store and see something interesting or you unexpectedly come across a book from one of your favorite authors. Yeah. You're probably already guessing what I did.

I thought, "Oh boy! A new book I didn't know was coming out!" So I buy it and a few days later I sit down to read it and bam! It hits me that I've already read it. I look at the copyright page and there it is, printed in 1999. And it happens to be one of my favorites from the author. Geez! What can I say? Most titles sound alike and the cover is different. Oh, well. I'll read it again anyway and then give it to someone.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hi! My Name's Carla

While growing up, I felt fortunate to have a name different from so many of my classmates. There were plenty Debbies/Debbys, Janets/Janices, Lindas/Lyndas, and Kathys/Cathys. Not until I was a pre-teen did I meet another Carla. She was beautiful and 2-3 years older than me.

It wasn't until I became an adult I met another person with my name, but she spelled it Karla. Then CHEERS came on the air and the notorious barmaid, Carla Tortelli. The character was rude, hateful, promiscuous and had (duh!) eight children. I like to think I'm none of those things.

During the eleven years (especially the last five) it was on the air, occasionally a customer of mine would ask over the phone, "Are you like Carla on CHEERS?" NO!

Thankfully, there's now another famous Carla. She's beautiful and talented. Sadly, no one ask if I'm like her. LOL!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ahhh! That's it!

I'm reading one of the books from my TBR pile. Not sure if I got it at the luncheon last year or one of the conferences (last year or this), but it's been okay. At first I told myself I've read the book before. I kept guessing what would happen next. The names, locations, and conflict was so familiar. But I looked at the copyright page and it had a first print from 2008. I had thought it might be a paperback of the e-books I had a flashdrive. Wrong publisher. But I went ahead and checked. Out of 118, there wasn't one with that title and the ones with werewolves didn't read like it.

Finally, I came to the conclusion I judged it in a writers contest. But which contest? It came to me that it was the Golden Heart. Why? Because it's the only contest I've judged with 55 pages (including synopsis). When I got to around page fifty of the book, I couldn't guess what happened next. So that would be about right. Sorta.

This was a first for me. I've never come across a book I've judged in a contest and I've judged quite a few.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thankful Friday

I'm thankful that my parents are doing well. They have a few problems but overall their health is great.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where did it go?

Lately, it appears time is breaking all kinds of speed limits. No sooner than I reach home, it's time to go to bed. Then it's Friday. Wake the next morning, another month has gone by. I'm trying to get a few odds and ends done writing and chapter business wise before I start on the second book in my spy series. Somehow I need to tame this time business. Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Huh? Moment

This article in Time Magazine was to be a positive spin on the increased sales of romance novels. All I can say with her using the BR words, twice, she proves she still uses a rotary phone and DOS on her desk top. She's so behind the times.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back and Forth

I'm having a hard time staying on one thing. I want to revised THE PREACHER'S SON for the Golden Heart. In fact, I've changed the beginning but there's more to correct/change. You can send 55 pages including the synopsis. That's a lot of pages for a contest.

Then I want to write my next book in the "spy" series. The first one, OUT OF THE SHADOWS, is with an agent now and I hope she really likes it. To have the second book in the series half way done would be great. I have only three pages written and I've named it IN THE SHADOWS. Actually, that's a perfect fit for the story.

And then again, I would like to revise and finish a paranormal I have that's in first person, THE ONES: DEADLY TEMPTATION. I love the world the heroine lives in and I believe it's different enough to strike an agent's or editor's interest.

So much to do. So little time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Went a Visiting

Visited with my youngest daughter today. She's still at university and now renting a house. The place is old and not perfect and it had the typical kid junk sitting around everywhere. While my husband set up a washer and dryer for her, I washed dishes and washed dishes and washed pots and pans. I have to say, she has more dishes than my hubby and I did when we were newlyweds. Maybe that's the only reason she had more to wash than I did back then. LOL! By the way, I made her dry and put up. Only fair.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thankful Friday

I'm thankful for the real life heroes who join our armed forces. Like my sweet, handsome son-in-law. And in remembrance of a friend's son...a here to read about him.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Square Peg, Round Hole?

The other day I was watching a short interview with Ringo Starr of The Beatles fame. For those who don’t know (though that’s hard to imagine), he was one of four fellows who changed the way teenagers look at music. As in most bands, the guys were friends before starting the band, but Ringo wasn’t one of them. He came in later though still before they hit it big in the sixties.

A comment he made stood out. One time, Ringo went to see John, another member, and told him he felt John, Paul and George were the real group and he would step aside. John told Ringo, he had thought the same thing but he considered Paul, George and Ringo as the real group.

That really struck me. How often have we thought we didn’t fit in or someone was smarter or more fortunate? And then we find out none of that to be true. No matter how “big” the person is, they have insecurities too. Maybe not in their craft, as Ringo wasn’t saying he wasn’t the best drummer The Beatles could have, he was talking about how they meshed, were friends. Our emotions can play tricks on us. That’s where friends can help by being supportive. You don’t need to hear how wonderful you are, though that doesn’t hurt, you just need people there willing to listen and hug you on occasion.

Thankfully I have that in Diane, JoAnn and Sande.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Of course, there are authors out there who receive an offer of representation the first time they query, just as there are authors whose first books were published. And I know for sure there are others who have more rejections than I do. This is what I tell myself everytime I receive a rejection. Like I did today.

I took it in stride and thought to myself , "How sad," and didn't think any more about it until I got home. After a little while I realized I wasn't acting like myself. In fact I was tired and quiet. Then I remembered the rejection email. Funny how you try not to let something bother you, but your body will let you know what's going on.

Sorry to be so depressing lately. I'm really trying to keep my chin up. There's no way I can give up but changing strategies (again) may be in my future. :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Let me give you a scenario.

A teenage boy didn't show up at school one day. He's known for skipping and wandering the streets of a big city. His sister goes in search for him. She's concerned and wants to bring him home. She loves her brother but understands his need to do what he does, but as any big sis would do, she wants to make sure he's okay.

Now it's almost midnight and she comes across a wounded man in front of an apartment building. Someone has beaten him up. She doesn't own a cell phone and no one is around. What should she do?

Let's see...leave him bleeding in the rain to find her brother? NO! Of course not.

So she checks the wounded guy (she's had some medical training) to make sure he's breathing. Does she leave him now? Goodness no!

So she thinks of ways to help him. Maybe she can knock on the doors inside the apartment building and hopefully someone will call 911 or help. Right? Right. Before she can, the wounded guy's younger brother comes out and tries to bring his bigger brother out of the rain and into their apartment. The younger brother is too little. By the way, they don't have a phone. I know it's hard to believe that some people are too poor to own a phone. (It's times like these I wish there was a sarcastic font.)

Okay. She helps the little brother bring in the big brother. I guess she could dump him in the apartment and say, "Sorry. But I've got to go and look for my brother though you have a little brother and sister worried about rather or not you'll live." Of course, you wouldn't leave. Sure she's still worried about her brother, but didn't I aready mention this wasn't the first time her brother went out wandering around?

Then the wounded guy (a few cuts and bruises along with a big knot on his head) offers to help find her brother because, lo and behold! his teenage sister is with her brother. But he tells her it will be safer to wait until daylight. You have to remember, she's not a cop, superhero or an alien with a ray gun. Those streets are as dangerous for her as they are for her brother and the guy's sister.

Now. Tell me. Would you say, "Sorry but I can't worry about you and I've got to go back out into the big city streets AFTER midnight and look for my brother because I'm WORRIED about him"? Talk about too stupid to live!

As you probably guessed. I received back comments from a judge on my manuscript SHADOW HEALER and the judge couldn't believe the heroine didn't leave right then and look for her brother. It bothered her. Geez! I would like to see her wandering Atlanta streets around midnight. Actually, I have with one other woman and the whole time I kept thinking how stupid we were.

All the points I made were in the manuscript, why can't they read the words I've written? What am I doing wrong? No need to answer. I'm just ranting. This is good therapy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Old Westerns

I love westerns. One of my favorites was on the other day and I realized there were such strong emotions in every scene, that I could use them in my current book. Not the words, but the feelings they invoked.

My hero has done a lot of things he regrets. Now his life has changed and he sees a future alone and unloved because of those bad choices. See the clip below. The beginning is really only a small portion of the scene. There was so much more. In fact, throughout the movie it showed so much depth you almost couldn't catch it all.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey, How About Me?

Come on over to Southern Magic's Romance Magician's blog. I'm talking about self-confidence.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thankful Friday

I'm thankful I can read and love immersing myself in books. I'm so fortunate. Hmm, I guess that says it all.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Really, Not A Fan

On the TV in my "study" (another word for spare bedroom), there are around 60 channels. Downstairs, on the larger TV, there are easily 200, but that's my hubby's domain. Anyway, on the smaller set, twice I've tried to find something different but funny. I love romantic comedies. Go figure. LOL! But all I found were dramas or ones I've seen.

As I flipped through the channels, I came across one reality show after another. I know lots of people watch them, thus the plethora of reality shows. (Note the new $50 word I used.) My buddy at work likes AMAZING RACE. My sister-in-law loves SURVIVOR. Others watch BIG BROTHER or PROJECT RUNWAY. I don't care for anything even remotely close to those...nope. Not for me.

Yet I will admit the only reality show I like to watch is WIPEOUT. Yep. A real game show. That's the only one. Give me slap-stick. I'm Just wired that way. LOL!