Thursday, September 9, 2010


You know, there are real heroes out in the world who don't receive medals or big money rewards.

One fellow at work is one. About a year ago, he heard someone in the office talking about the sad, mistreated dog wandering around outside. Heartbroken for the animal, he took the poor dog to a vet. The dog had so many problems most people would've put him to sleep. Instead he paid for the dog's treatments. It was such a long list, I don't remember half of them. Anyway, the vet warned the treatments would be expensive and then he offered a steep discount. Because of the fellow at work (and the vet) the dog is still alive. Now his name is Panama (it actually fits) and he's so happy and healthy as possible.

I use to work with a lady whose husband did something so giving, it brought tears to my eyes. And I was told he did it often. He was walking into a business in a low rent area of downtown Birmingham and spotted two little boys riding their bicycles up and down the sidewalks. A third little boy sat on the steps watching them. He looked so sad.

The man asked, "Why aren't you riding your bike with the other boys?"

The young fellow said, "I don't have a bike."

He looked around. "Stay here. I'll be back." Thirty minutes later, he pulls up in front of the building and sure enough the boy was still there. The man unloaded a brand new bike from the back of his truck. "Here you go."

The boy, eyes wide, asked, "For me?"

The man said, "Yes. Go ahead and tell your mom it was a gift."

The little boy got on the bike, smiling ear to ear, and rode away. He didn't say thank you, but to the man, the smile was enough.

[Edited 9/23/10]