Friday, September 3, 2010

Yep, That's Him

My dad has/had several siblings. My Uncle Freeman has always be one of my favorites. I like his voice. He sounds like the Old South. Let's see if I can describe it. Hmmm. He pronounces his vowels long like any Southern, but rarely drops his G's. He sounds like he's almost hoarse but with a softness. When I hear him, I automatically think of mint juleps, long porches with rocking chairs lined up and ready for wasting the day away, humid summer days and paper church fans.

Anyway, I recently found out my uncle is rather well-known to football fans, especially to those in Alabama. Click here to read the article about him and his late wife.

Fascinating what you turn up about family members on the internet. See. I should go to more family reunions. It has been over twenty years since I've been to one of my dad's side.