Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Best Parts of Being An Author

I love being an author and decided to list a few things I love about it.  You know me, I love lists.

1) I love the first word I type as I start a new book. It might change ten thousand times before I write The End, but seeing that blank screen and letters emerging one at a time makes me happy.
2) I love arriving at the middle and realizing I have so much more to show the reader. That's plain relief.
3) I love closing up the story with a funny sentence (can't help it), knowing my two people are deeply in love and can handle anything together after I hit that little black dot.

But one of the many other things I love about being an author is when I get my new cover.  And today I got the cover for CIRCLE OF DECEPTION and it's beautiful.  Let me know what you think.