Sunday, August 5, 2012

California Dreaming

Here are some pictures from RWA's National Conference plus some of the sightseeing I did with the help and guidance from one of the sales engineers at my day job.  It's wonderful to have friends around the U.S.

Million(s) dollar homes

I can't remember the name of the beach, but isn't it beautiful?

Expensive homes looking over the Pacific

The homes were beautiful and expensive.

People playing on a pile of sand.

The flat white surface is a roof of a home hanging on a cliff.

I took this as we ferried across to Bilboa Island near Newport Beach.

Virgin Records/Google catamaran

U.S.Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach

Stadium at the Surfing Open.

Enlarge the picture if you can. The waves are awesome.
It was so cool to finally get a pink ribbon & PAN (Published Author Network)

Laura Hayden and nice lady I can't remember her name. :(

At my 1st Literary Signing

See bottom right in blue. That's my book!

Kristin Miller taking a picture as I take hers.  LOL!

Me and THE Susan Elizabeth Phillips

My nice roomate, Candis Terry

Lizbeth Selvig - she's a sweetheart.

Before they opened the doors, I took pictures.

They opened the doors and people flooded in.

Look to the left. That's CA traffic for sure! I was on the bus to the cocktail party.

Ignore the red glow (camera flash) - picture from cocktail party.

Picture of room before everyone came in for the awards program.