Saturday, January 2, 2010

Strange Dreams

Last night (or early this morning), I had several strange dreams. One I hope to forget and will never repeat ever. Yuck. YUCK.

Others I've forgotten though I know there were more. I do know they were all different in their own way. But the other strange one I remember was...well...odd. I never experienced anything like this. Let me first say when I had this dream, I was aware it was one. Probably part of why I didn't freak out about it.

I dreamed I got out of bed and stood in front of a full length mirror. Looking in the mirror, instead of seeing me, I saw a man about five foot nine, nice physique, thick wavy hair, thick mustache wearing a sleeveless grayish-green tee shirt and light blue boxers. I don't normally dream in color and didn't then. It was like I knew what color I wore without really noticing them. When we think of ourselves, we rarely think of what our clothes look like. It took me a few seconds to realize the reflection was of me as a man.

Once I realized that, the man's eyes widen in the mirror. At that point my thought was "Cool! I can really get into a man's head and use it in my writing." See. I knew I was dreaming and fullly prepared to use the experience. I remember thinking, "So this is what a guy feels like." Kind of strong and sure of himself.

Well, the next thing I did only shows how my mind works and how daring I can be...some may even say crazy, but I believe nothing ventured, nothing gained. Plus I DO WRITE HOT ROMANCE.

Yeah. You got it. I reach down between my legs and grabbed a handful of what was there. Hey! At least I didn't jerk down my boxers. My thought then was, "I can't believe I'm doing this." And quickly followed by "Wow! It feels good." LOL! Yeah, it gets worse but don't worry, only in thought and not deed.

At that point, I had an overwhelming need to find something to "get inside of." It made me feel like if I didn't take care of that need, I would burst. LOL! The next thought was "I don't like women." I knew it was my thought and not the man's. And then I was kind of pushed out of his body. Like he didn't want me there. Obviously he liked women and since I don't (not like that in particular), he didn't want my next thought. LOL! No. Not exactly what you're thinking but there's no need for me to go further. I just think it was the strangest dream I've ever had in my life.

I do have to say, I think I can write from a man's point of view so much better after the small experience. LOL! I can't stop laughing about it. Thus, all of the LOLs. I do laugh a lot when I'm embarrassed or scared (like on a rollercoaster). And this is so much the former. I mainly wrote this because it was such a different experience for me and wonder if anyone else had a dream like this. I bet they have but strange.