Sunday, January 10, 2010

History Tidbits

Sex and The Civil War

Your father and mother started a brothel in Washington City and you and your two sisters kept it going until you decided to move to Gettysburg. Hey, that's where all the soldier boys were! But then a large brawl disrupted your business and the town kicked you and your sisters out. You returned to the Union capital with your sisters and decided to try out dancing in the streets to the music of an organ grinder and a monkey. In no time you and your sisters were in trouble again. Was it your fault that in your enjoyment of the rhythm your clothes completely fell off?


Kate, Anna, and Matilda Light. (I guess they would say that it's just something about a man in uniform that makes you want to go into the oldest profession. And I wonder if their last name was really Light – as in Light Skirt? LOL!)

"Going down the line" - Visiting a prostitute

The Confederate and Union capitals were overflowing with prostitutes called Cyprians, fallen angels, daughters of Eve, and gay young chicks.

A young man wrote to his friend about the "gay old time" he had in Washington and how he enjoyed "Horizontal Refreshments or in Plainer words Riding a Dutch gal...."Brothels in Washington had names like "Madam Russell's Bake Oven and "the Haystack" owned by a Mrs. Hay.

The Washington area called Marble Alley had the greater concentration of brothels.
When Southern women said that Yankee men had horns, they weren't talking about them being on their heads.