Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Analyze This

I’ve discovered a new author (to me) recently. Her books are packed with strong emotions, delightful humor, and layered characters. Those layers astound me with the brilliance she used in crafting a novel I could only aspire to. Her most recent novel had a heroine who was SO NOT the typical woman I would root for or expect to admire. But with each layer she deftly made me wish to be in the heroine’s shoes as she stood strong and faced her enemies and got her man. All without being a bitch.

I love to read a book that surprises me and since that first book, I’ve read two more from her backlist and haven’t been disappointed. I plan to take each book and tear them apart and analyze how she made me tear up and then laugh out loud. How she made me sympathize with her characters and ache for their pains. How she made me blush during the love scenes and sigh when it was over.

Few authors have that type of talent. So it’s time for me go back to the book and start breaking it down and maybe, just maybe, I can improve my own.

Oh, you want to know who I’m talking about? I mentioned her recently. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Wow! What an author!