Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Got The Time?

I love it when I hear someone say they don't have time to read. And especially when the woman doesn't have children or none at home. I can't help but wonder what she really does every night. One lady said she cooked and cleaned when she got home from her job. Hmmm. I do too. I do housework too. I do a little each evening so I won't have as much to do on the weekend. Even so, each evening it takes me one to two hours tops to cook and clean. Hmmm. What does she do the rest of the evening? Does she deep clean? Like clean out her cabinets? Scrub or paint the walls? Every night? She owns a clothes washing machine like me. So she doesn't have to haul water and scrub them by hand. Hmmm.

Sorry. I just wonder what people do that takes so much time each night. I have a feeling it's a lot of messing around. What we in the South call pittling. (Not sure if that's spelled correctly. It's kind of like puttering around.)

Anyway, I always say, "Everyone can make time to read if it's important to them."

Reading is very important to me.