Thursday, March 4, 2010

How To Goof Off The Right Way

Boy, oh boy, I’ve been a goof off lately. Very little writing. Like only twenty something pages in one month. That’s extra slow for me. The reason is that I’m reading. I believe deep inside I needed the break. A bit of feeding the creative juices too. So far I’ve read eight or is it nine of Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s books in the last two months. I enjoyed some of them more than others, but all were well written. Even with the revised GLITTER BABY, I could tell it was an older book. Her style now is tighter (storyline in particular) with more romance. The way I like it.

Next I’ll read Kresley Cole’s newest one PLEASURE OF A DARK PRINCE. After that will be Christy Reece’s NO CHANCE. And then I’ll return back for more of Susan’s books. A little break from SEP’s with other wonderful authors is the way to do it.