Saturday, March 13, 2010

Like A Virgin

The title came to me as I was reading a book. Years ago, I would say most of the historical and contemporary books I read, the heroines were virgins. That still holds true for the historicals. Makes sense considering the primitive birth control back then. When I was younger, I liked this. I could relate. But as I got older, it became more of a nuisance in the contemporary books. My oldest daughter also mentioned how it wasn't realistic too.

Now don't misunderstand me. There's nothing wrong with a girl waiting until marriage, but with the cheap and readily available birth control, few do. I'm just tired of reading about thirty year olds who are beautiful and still virgins. It's a myth that beautiful women stay home waiting for the phone to ring, especially nowadays. Instead, they go out and find someone to love or at the least have a good time with.

Well, in my contemporary books, only one heroine is a virgin. She'd made a conscious decision to stay a virgin until the man (vampire) she was in love with married her. I have a tendency to write my heroines as rather loose. LOL! Maybe I enjoy the thought of a woman testing the waters like men are known to do and when she finds the right one, no other man will do.

Of course, all of this (like the whole blog) is just my opinion.