Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If I Won A Hundred Million Dollars

I had planned to talk about housework and my hurt foot. Don't worry. I'm okay. Just bruises. But that's so boring.

Instead I rather talk about what everyone dreams about: winning a hundred million dollars and what we would spend it on. Yes. A hundred million, not just a million dollars. Sad, isn't it? It's the sign of the times when a simple million isn't enough.

Linda Howard's book BURN covered a lot of what I would do if I won. Her heroine didn't shout and call everyone about the news. She knew her life was about to change big time. So she kept quiet and waited until she could figure out what to do next. Then she went to an investment firm and asked questions. Lots of questions that helped her make the right decisions. That was smart. I've watched programs about lottery winners who'd won tons of money and were broke within ten years.

In Linda's book, the heroine quickly realized who she could trust. It was sad so many people let her down. Her father stole money from her and her best friend used her and claimed she was too good for her old friends. I can imagine that happening to anyone.

Even I knew you should never spend the principle. So I would spend the interest this way. I would set up a trust for my children and grandchildren, my parents and my husband's mom along with all our immediate siblings. I have step-siblings and they're on their own. Sorry. That's the way it is.

I would build the house I've always wanted. It would be environmentally sound with solar panels and skylights. I believe it's called Green Building. I love sunshine and need a lot of natural light. It would have a patio you can see from nearly every room in the house. Lots of flowers and a simple water fountain in the middle.

Then my hubby and I would travel. We love visiting new places. Of course, we would make sure to take one trip a year with any of our family who wanted to go with us.

I'm sure I would set up a foundation for donations to the charities I pick. Yeah. That would be nice.

I guess that's it. Now time to go and buy a lottery ticket in a nearby state. Alabama doesn't have one.