Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Start Of A New Year

Like everyone, I've been thinking of what goals I met last year and the ones I plan for this year.

Last year I planned to finish an old vampire 1st person book. I did. Actually, I finished two books this year. Note that the one that sold was already completed. Like every year prior, I planned to get published. I finally did. At the first of 2011, I knew I needed to save my money that I usually spent on conferences and spend it on a family vacation instead. I did. I planned to quit spreading myself thin (day job, family, writing) and end my obligations with my writers group by the end of 2011.  I did.  2010 had been a stellar year in contests (5 finals - that almost half of those entered; plus there were a couple questionable on how they scored me - see posts in 2010 about those) for me and I had hoped to do it again this year. With the sale, that knocked me out of many of the contests (no true lost there. LOL!) but I still was able to final in three (two were with a historical romance). So I guess that last plan was still a positive. A sale - technically two sales - trumps all.

This year, I plan to finish two books and a novella. I would love to finish the historical someway this year too. It's not top priority though. 

I plan to go to at least two conferences: Silken Sands (already paid the fee) and RWA National (that one comes due 1/26).  M&M in October is still up for debate. 

I plan to continue on my weight loss program and hopefully will be in good shape by July and that includes taking care of my body with physicals and check ups.

I plan not to sweat the small stuff in life and enjoy every moment of being published. To continue to help others to become published. The traditional way - not self-published. That's a totally different post I'll do later this month maybe. I'll keep in mind that writing a book that entertains is the key to success. So that leads into my next one.

I plan to write, write, and write along with improve my craft. My books aren't literary masterpieces. They're written for entertainment and to make people sigh and feel hopeful about romance in their own lives.

There are a few more plans (goals) I'm sure that haven't come to mind at this moment, but I can always add them later.