Sunday, January 22, 2012


I mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter and totally missed it here. But a couple weeks ago, Circle of Desire was #2 on iBookstore's Romance Erotica. Isn't that cool?  It's staying in the top 10 (updated daily or hourly, not sure) most of the time and today around 6 p.m. was in number 10.

It's been so much fun looking at the list every day. Friday, I noticed that the sub-category Erotica had been dropped off the "MORE ROMANCE" title. WHAT! So I've sent an email to iTunes. We'll see if they even fix it. So if you type in Erotica Romance (in the search location), it goes to mostly the regular erotica. Yes, there is a difference. Big time difference. So frustrating.

So the only way I've found to get that spot is to type in my name in the search location. Click on Circle of Desire and then at the top left, click on Erotica (shows as Books > Romance > Erotica > Carla Swafford).  Then the bestseller list is on the right. 

For prosperity, I 'snipped' the website so I can keep it, plus show you.  This is from January 11, 2012, when Circle of Desire was #2.

[Added 1/23/12: You can also go to my book by clicking Books, then $3.99 and less, and then click on Romance. I'm in that section (no "Top" chart) too!]
[Added 3/14/12:  Sad to say, as of the end of Janaury, iBooks dropped this category - not Erotica, but Erotica Romance. Circle of Desire is now under regular Romance, AVON IMPULSE, and $3.99.  Doesn't show up in Romantic Suspense and not even contemporary. And it's no longer on a top 10 chart. Geez! Nice while it lasted.]