Thursday, January 12, 2012

Re-Run #9

This one is from Cynthia Eden's blog on November 8, 2011. She's a talented and kind author who invited me to her blog. It was a lot of fun with lots of comments.

Why I Love Alphas, and No! My Heroine Isn’t A B*tch.

Thank goodness Cynthia doesn’t write young adult. Otherwise, I would have to change the title, and I would hate that as it clearly tells you what I’m about to post.

First, let’s talk about heroines, especially those strong willed and confident ones. In Circle of Desire, Olivia St. Vincent is logical and capable of doing the job required without allowing her emotions to interfere with the job. When I first wrote the book, my critique partners disliked her. Yet, I thought she was interesting. She was totally different than any of the tough heroines in the books I love to read.

So I had to figure out a way to get the readers to give her a chance and not throw the book against the wall. What I found is I needed to show what’s happening deep, deep inside of her in the beginning. Otherwise, she comes across cold and cardboard-like. By inserting a few physical tremors and self-deprecating humor after she completes an assignment (killing a man), readers can look into her psyche and realize she’s what she is because she’s a survivor. Life has thrown her some really hard curve balls and her skin has toughened with each hit.

 I do enjoy writing women like Olivia. Resilient and self-sufficient and enjoys a sexy man on her own terms.

Now let’s talk about my favorite man to read: the Alpha male. Of course, you have to capitalize Alpha for no other reason than they’re, well, Alpha. Seems appropriate, doesn’t it? They’re larger than life. Masterful, dangerous, and downright sexy. Some are more caveman than gentleman. I lean more toward gentleman with an edge. I like them smart. They can talk you into their bed. Who am I kidding? They can look at you with one eyebrow lifted and you’re willing to crawl into their bed, but don’t we all love making them work for it?

Collin Ryker is a gentleman. In the beginning of the book ― don’t worry, I’m not giving away anything that isn’t in the blurb ― he tries to get Olivia to take the knockout drug without forcing her. That is, besides restraining her hands and feet. But when she resists and time has run out, he persuades her to swallow the pills in a unique, and dare I say it, sexy way.

My heroes know they can’t boss around their ladies without repercussions. Hey, the fellows even respect them for it. In Collin’s case, he even gets a little excited by Olivia’s way of showing her displeasure. Heehee.

Collin isn’t the only Alpha in this series. Yes. Another one is due out the first half of 2012. It’s titled Circle of Danger. And I hope to write several more. In Circle of Danger, you’ll find out what makes Collin’s brother tick. While Collin is a gentleman with an edge, Ryker’s all edge with an emphasis on intense. His heroine, Marie, is the only person who can calm his beast. Sigh.

Now, what are some of your favorite traits in the Alpha heroes you enjoy reading?