Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Re-Run #8

This the post I did at Just Romantic Suspense website on November 9, 2011. It's a great place to find all the authors and their books of romantic suspense. Thus the name of the website.  LOL!

Who Knew Romantic Suspense Would Be The One?
Being a lover of all genres of romance, I started reading romantic historicals when I was twelve, and later added Harlequin contemporaries and then whatever paranormals I could find. At that time, there were more horror paranormal than romantic.
When I decided to try my hand at writing, my first try was a couple paragraphs about a hand holding a gun and pointing it through an open doorway. My brother teased me about my horrible prose. But I didn’t give up. A few years later, I wrote my first full book: a medieval and the heroine didn’t have a little brother.
Who would’ve ever guess that #*&%&^ (mumble-mumble) years later I would be published in romantic suspense. By the way, my brother is very proud of me.
When I started writing Circle of Desire, I had completed eight other books and the last two were paranormal. I wanted to look for something different to write. Authors are told all the time write what you love. Well, that’s what I had done so far. I’d written vampires, witches, and a female chauvinist.  Others were of a bad boy preacher’s son, tough-as-nails sheriff, and a female truck driver. So what was left?
One of my favorite books of Linda Howard’s is All The Queen’s Men. The ├╝ber-spy, John Medina, is sexy and pure Alpha. I always have to capitalize Alpha. Just seems right.  Then I love Michael on the TV show, Le Femme Nikita.  He’s soft spoken and so sure of himself.  I have all of the DVDs.

Okay. Now I’ll check and see if you were paying attention. In the third paragraph above, did you notice the type of women I write? They’re not your every day average heroine. So keep that in mind.
After contemplating a couple other ideas, I decided to write a book about an assassin, but I wanted to twist it around and have the woman as the coldblooded killer. Yet, at the same time, she needed to be sympathetic. Strange thing, I’ve found female readers are more forgiving of a man who kills, if it is perceived as ridding the world of scum, than they are of a woman doing the same. Anyway, I like heroines who are strong as their heroes. Of course, no matter how they try to emulate men, their emotions get the best of them in the end. Thank goodness. That’s when the romance really blooms and takes off.
Olivia St. Vincent is a perfect mate for Collin Ryker. He’s really more brains than brawn though he has no problem defending himself when Olivia tries to kick his butt. Twice.
If you like action-packed, intense drama and hot scenes with some moments of sarcasm throw in and then I believe you’ll enjoy Circle of Desire. 
But that’s only the beginning of the series. In the first half of next year, you can find out in Circle of Danger how Collin’s brother handles the rebellious woman he’s been forbidden to touch…well, that is, until now.
Now, let’s have some fun. I love lists, and thought you might enjoy the top ten clues that you're reading too much Romantic Suspense.
10. You suspect every grieving widower of having "a hand" in the death of his wife.
9. You see a report of a wreck on the interstate and shout at the television "the boyfriend did it!"
8. You believe you can solve any crime if your husband was a sexy police detective.
7. You suspect the clean-cut guy in your office of being a potential serial killer because he has "that look."
6. You eye the small sunken area in the backyard and wonder if a body is buried there.
5. You refuse to go to children’s birthday parties because every time a balloon pops, you duck.
4. You feel a need to explain to the checkout boy that you really use the black plastic bags for leaves.

3. You leave the shower curtains open during a shower.

2. You drive past your house believing the car in the rearview mirror is tailing you.
1. You become worried that your husband is plotting your death because he’s being too nice after watching a marathon of Cold Case.

 What clues have you found in your life?  But really, can we ever read too much? No!