Sunday, January 8, 2012

Speaking Of Pain In The . . . Reviews.

Every author has a love - hate relationship with reviews. We love them when the reviewer loves our book. We hate them when the reviewer has issues. Hahaha! I couldn't help that. But we all know a lot of how we feel about a book has to do with our own issues. 

If you're reading a book that the hero has the same name of your ex, you may have a hard time liking the story. Or if you had a bad relationship with a guy who bossed you around or maybe go as far as being abusive, then you're less likely to like Alpha heroes, especially those that are a little rough around the edges. 

Or you're in bad mood and the book you picked up leans toward romantic comedy, you'll think it's stupid and not funny.  Or you don't like sex (that's so sad) and someone recommends a book with some graphic bedplay/wallplay/tableplay/etc. in it, you'll think the heroine is a slut and hate the book. (Though that's ironic as it usually takes two in a romance. So the guy is a slut too. Only fair to call him that if you're going to call the women names.)

So as a reader, I've always kept all those things in mind when I read a book review. Especially if the reviewer cannot give me a really good reason not to want to read it. If she talks about being too much sex and not enough plot, I'm more likely to buy it for sure.  I do love hot books. Thus why I write them. If he talks about a too stupid to live heroine or hero (yes, they do exist too), then I may want to read the first few pages before deciding. You know I love Alpha males, but if I read one that talks like a cave man, I'll turn it down in a heartbeat. You my mate, you spread legs, you mine. Grunt. Grunt. Can't stand those.  I don't mind the quiet and silent types -- oops, I've gotten off track here. Off Alphas and back to reviews.

I guess I'm trying to tell everyone, if you see a book with mostly one stars (cups, hearts, arrows or whatever) on a review and very few or none of the larger numbers, then sure the book may have a problem.  But when you see a few or a good handful, don't worry especially when they're mixed with many of the larger quantity stars. Just read the first few pages. If you don't find the way the hero or heroine acts interesting, then chances are the book isn't for you.