Friday, December 30, 2011

Re-Run #6

This one was at a buddy's blog, Patricia Preston from October 23, 2011.

Thanks, Patricia, for asking me to post on your blog.  I’ve always loved hanging out with you.

If you were about to be served your last meal, what would be on your plate?

Oh, that’s easy. Sesame chicken from The Palace in Trussville, AL. Their other dishes are wonderful as my daughters try different ones when they go with me, and I take a bite of theirs. Several times I’ve planned to order something else, but I always order the same dish. And on Saturdays they have egg drop soup that is delicious along with their crispy egg rolls. Now I’m hungry for it.

If you could be any fictional character (books, movies) who would you be?
I’m going to cheat a little on the question because I would love to be Renee Russo. She’s not fictional, of course, but she played some great fictional characters. Who can forget her in Lethal Weapon Three when she and Mel Gibson’s characters fought over who had the most scars. Or The Thomas Crown Affair, when her character falls in love with Pierce Brosnan’s billionaire thief. Oh, my, lucky girl. Heck, lucky guy too.

While writing Olivia in Circle of Desire, I thought of Ms. Russo. Many of her roles were of strong women with strong men. She always holds her own.  Olivia does the same.

You’ve just been handed a one-way ticket to where?
To Seattle. I love the city and its atmosphere. Something that proves not all characters are like their authors. Olivia disliked Seattle and the rain as she couldn’t wait to move on to her next job in Denver. But every time I’ve visited, I’ve found something more to love. The relaxed atmosphere, the coffee shops where everyone has a book opened at their tables. The people are polite and nice. I often teased the people I know there that they’re misplaced southerners.

If I were rich, I would have a summer home there as too many of my family members live in Alabama for me to move away permanently.

What is your guilty pleasure? 
I’ve been on a diet for four months so all of my guilty pleasures are centered on food. The sesame chicken I mentioned earlier and malted milk balls. Every since I was a kid that has been one of my big weaknesses.  I usually settle for Whoppers, but my favorite is from Brach’s. Must. Stay. Away. From. Candy. Aisle.

It’s raining men! What kind of men?
Oh that’s easy. I like all shapes and sizes. In several of my unpublished books, I have men under six foot to those as tall as six five with coal black hair to sandy blond.

In Circle of Desire, the hero looks like a young Hugh Jackman. For some of the other fellows, I thought of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel.  There’s even a Pierce Brosnan as one of the older guys in Circle of Danger that’s coming out next year.

Do you still remember your first kiss?
Wow! I haven’t thought about it for years. I guess my first real kiss was at the age of twelve. I was very mature (I thought). My cousin set me up with his girlfriend’s brother. The four of us met at the movies. It was 2001: Space Odyssey. Yes. I’m really telling my age now. Anyway, he kissed me, and I remembered I didn’t know what to do with my hands. You know, the movies (at the time) didn’t really show that. It was always a close up of the characters’ faces, and I never paid any attention to where they placed their hands. Needless to say, my cousin teased me about waving my hands in the air.

 What do you love most about being a writer? 
Making stories up. Creating a life for people I’ve never met but know so well. Meeting people with a similar drive to become published and being successful at it. You know, writers have voices in their heads reciting fascinating stories that needs repeating with ink and paper. It so nice to know I’m not alone.

I think writers are open minded, willing to find something redeemable even in the bad boys of the world or something frightful in those too good to be true girls. Writers look at all the angles and find beauty or horror in the oddest places. 

Being a romance writer is even more special. We are eternal optimists with our happily ever afters. I wouldn’t want it any other way.