Friday, December 9, 2011

A Little Update Mash Up

The week has slipped by and it's the weekend again. Thank goodness. I need to get back to working on my book. So close. So very close to the end. I feel like I've been saying that for months, but this is REALLY close. Two more scenes. Technically, one and half scenes, as I'm half through with one. The climatic one at the end. Then the next scene will be the wrap up (Smoochie..I love you...No, I love you more) and the set up for the third book. That will be Rex and A.J.'s book.

I have several things in mind for it but mainly I want it to be little humorous. Not to the extent of romantic comedy, but a lighter than the last two. Circle of Desire is a dark, gritty book as a couple of the reviews mentioned. Circle of Danger is a hot, HOT book with lots of sexual tension and, I have to say it, lots of sex. It couldn't be helped. As you will know if you read the first book and came to the end of it. The first chapter of the second book is after the ending.

Whenever someone claims they read my book, but then ask, "What is your next book going to be about?" That gives them away. LOL! Got ya! If you had read it, you would know.


I'm planning another blog tour. Getting the title of my book out there is important with so many people ordering e-readers for Christmas. Of course, many will order 99 cent books. But how many of those cheap book will get read? If you spend $3.99 for a book, you're more likely to read it, right? Oh, if you know someone looking for someone to interview, have them contact me.

Go to the link for my website on the right and have them click on the envelope. Send me an email. The dates I'm looking for are December 20 through January 1. December 22 and 26 are now filled.


Like lots of people nowadays, I'm cutting back on my expenses. Next year, I plan to go to two or three conferences. I don't want to charge anything to my credit card, so I've been saving. This year was the first year in over eight I haven't gone to one. Too broke. The family vacation was all that I could afford.


Another cut back is my RWA chapter duties. On January 1, I won't have a duty to perform for the first time in eight years. It actually feels good. I've done my best to help the chapter. As I've mentioned before on my blog (probably a couple years ago), I've been the president (2 yrs), vice president (3 yrs), membership chair (1 yr), webmaster (six yrs), PAN Liaison (1 yr - though we later found out the person had to be published and I wasn't at that time), conference chairperson (1 yr), Luncheon co-chairperson (two yrs), Milestones and Recognition (2 yrs), Linda Howard Award of Excellence coordinator (5 yrs - 6 if you count the year I consulted and ended up having to finish it - long story) and during that time I was the newsletter editor for another RWA chapter for 1 yr(maybe two, I can't remember now).

At the time I became active in 2002 (Chapter member since 1998; RWA member since 1993), we had a little over 30 members, now we have between 60 to 70 members. With the new Board in place, I do believe we will grow like wild fire. They are energtic and think outside the box.


The last cut back I'm planning is how much time I spend on the internet. If you've been following my blog for any length of time, I no longer blog every single day like I use to. I caught myself blogging more than I was writing books. So weekends and the occasional exciting news that happen during the week is all I will be doing for a while. I plan to do the same with Facebook. Email will get out of hand if I only checked it on the weekends, plus that's how my editor and agent contact me. I had over a hundred emails alone today (most are on digest except my Avon author loop - they have some great discussions).

So I plan to check my email before I go to bed and during the day at work but not when I first get home. That's going to be writing time. So if you need me urgently and have my phone number (only family and friends have that), you can text me.

Now I will give you a hint, (don't make me regret it), if you follow me on Twitter, you can send me a tweet direct and it'll show up as a text on my phone. Be sure this is in cases of something important you need to tell or alert me. Don't misuse it as I have no qualms in blocking your butt. That's all the news for now I can remember.