Saturday, December 24, 2011

Re-Run #2

This post was at Black Seductions on October 19, 2011.  What I especially loved about this interview was the comments I received. Lots of them and some really interesting answers. Go and check them out. Oh, before I forget, some of the sites I'm sending you to are for people 18 and older. So if you're at work looking at them, be sure no one is around as they often have book covers that make mine look tame.

 I deleted the blurb of the book, but the rest of the post is here. Be sure to FOLLOW them on Twitter: @BVSBooks .


Thank you for inviting me to your blog. Like most authors, I enjoy talking about my books and love the opportunity.

You had asked, “What steps did I take to make my heroine someone the reader would like?”

I find women like Olivia intriguing. She’s a different breed of heroine. Sure she kicks butt like many other heroines, yet she almost has a man’s mentality when she deals with death and sex. She’s cold, confident, and focused until she completes her job. Afterwards, she looks around for a way to unwind with an anonymous partner.   

Okay. All of that we can see in the beginning of the book. So we need to know what makes her tick. The best way for any author to do this is by back story (background information about a character given in the narrative) but no one wants to read a lot of narrative that doesn’t move the plot forward. That would actually be boring.

So as you read along, you’ll begin to see cracks in the shell she’s built. Small glimpses are revealed of a woman learning to deal with a past colored by abuse and neglect. From a trash bin baby to being raised in a poor orphanage, she refuses to feel sorry for herself. She’d learned to use every weapon at her disposal, including her body.  

We watch her kill her target and then moments later, her body begins to give her telltale signs her job is getting to her. Her hand shakes, her body trembles. Deep inside she understands why it happens, but fights it. She feels she has no other alternative. Her deadly skills are what saved her from certain death by the evil man who controls The Circle.

Let me show you an example.

She looked out the window at the crowd gathering at the end of the pier. She jerked her gaze away. Concentrate on anything but the finished job. Think of the gun she loved to control. Think of the power she held. Think about sex. A strong, hard, hot male body always helped. Think about getting away and planning the next job.

She reached out and caressed the two marks she’d made on the butt of the rifle. Time for a third. Her fingers shook; tears threatened her composure. Drawing her hand into a fist, she took a few deep breaths and then with well-practiced precision broke down the rifle and placed the sections into her luggage. Another tremor started at her hand and vibrated down her torso, before she knew it her whole body shook. Why couldn’t her body cooperate? She’d done worse, been worse.

It’s truly amazing how a few words can make a difference. For me, I know anytime I read a romance, the heroine or/and hero are guaranteed to grow and change. I’ll keep reading, because if nothing else, I’m interested in seeing how they change. One good example is Anita Blake in Laurell Hamilton’s vampire series. I didn’t like Anita at first, but I kept reading expecting change and she did — actually several times throughout the series.

Now back to CIRCLE OF DESIRE. So knowing Olivia will change, I want to find out how she deals with finally coming against a man who refuses to be manipulated by her sexuality. Collin realizes nothing about Olivia is dull. As he wonders one time in the book, she fascinated him. Like a snake charmer fascinated a cobra. Now the question was, was he the snake charmer or the cobra?

Though he gives in to her allure in the beginning, he fights his attraction. Yet he actually uses it as a carrot for her good behavior.  But it takes more for her to cooperate. So he uses the one thing against her that reveals the goodness she hides from others. It’s her one weakness. What is that? Sorry. You’ll need to read the book to find that out. 

I’m such a tease.