Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something To Think About

One of the drawbacks (only a few) about being published is that anyone can review your book. A site that's popular with many readers is GoodReads. If I was only a reader, I would love this site. Great suggestions from friends and family and even some strangers. BUT, everyone can also post a review and several booksellers pull the reviews from there. Just as Amazon has everyone and his sister and brother reviewing.  And at both sites you always get one or two people who LOVE giving the lowest rating or say distasteful things about a book. They take such glee in it.  You can tell. Because why would you read another book of an author's if you hated their first one, no less two or three more?

Thankfully no one has been truly ugly about my book but I've seen some harsh language on some of my favorite books from authors like Anne Stuart and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I think both of them are wonderful writers. Sure, I've liked some of their books better than others, but that has more to do with personal taste than with them doing anything wrong.

Anyway, with the industry being small as it is, I won't ever enter into Goodreads a book that is less than five stars. Just doesn't serve any purpose. Others do and truthfully I don't have problem with them having an opinion different than mine, but it's the hateful words that bother me.

I will say I've learned a few things about reviewers. When they're on Goodreads, if they haven't set their profile to private, I'll look at their reading list. I'm amazed when I see they don't really read romantic suspense (maybe have five or six of them listed). So I'm not surprise they give mine a low rating. They don't really read RS.  Or if they have lots of RS and all of them are rated low. HELLO! You obviously need to find another genre to read.  So far, it's helped me get over a couple of low ratings. 

If you're on Goodreads, look around at the overall ratings on your favorite books. It's amazing how low their ratings are. I swear someone loves bringing down those who hit the New York Times best selling lists.

Side note: I wish Goodreads wouldn't let those who have a private profile do reviews and rate books be added into the rating system. Who knows what the person is really up to? I'm cynical enough to believe some people will use it to bring down ratings on books for possibly less than honest reasons.  Just my opinion.

Then on Amazon, if you see someone rate a book low while several others are high, or even the opposite, click on the reviewers' names. Amazon gives you their stats on what they've reviewed. It's amazing how many of the self-published books with five stars will often have people who've only reviewed that book or only that author's books.  How do we say family and friends?  That's a dead giveaway.

That's why I don't ask family and friends to write a review on my books. I do have one friend on Goodreads who did, but she reviews several other authors too. And she meant what she wrote about all of them including mine. And she doesn't say ugly things. I didn't ask her for a written review.

So by checking out that info, that's how I handle THOSE type of reviews.  Breaking it down helps a lot.