Thursday, November 3, 2011

100 Miles An Hour

Have you ever driven an 100 miles per hour or more?  I have. In fact, the fastest I've ever gone (driving) is 120 miles per hour and maybe even faster as at the time, that was as high as my 1966 Lemans' speedometer would go.  Long story. Just know I was young and dumb.
The car in the picture looks exactly like that car. It was in fact, my first car.  And no, it wasn't new even then.

Anyway, the reason I mention all of this is that I'm feeling like that's what speed I'm going and getting very little accomplished. I've decided after next week, I will be avoiding Facebook and Twitter. Though I'll probably blog occasionally, I will be going to no mail on my loops.  So if you want to contact me, you'll need to send me an email directly.  Go to my website to contact me.

Speaking of website, I'm still not happy with mine. If I change it again (most likely), it will be the fourth one this year.  Considering I kept the one I had back in January for nearly five years, that's really something. Plus, I really need to be writing and not designing.  ::Sigh::