Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Book Signing

November 5, 2011 was my RWA chapter's Romance Readers Luncheon. We have it every year for the last seven years. This year's was the best. First because Lisa Dunick was the chairperson. She has a fantastic mind, very creative. Second because we have an energetic president, Heather Leonard, also with a creative mind. Put those two people together and you have magic.

Then, third, we had the marvelous Victoria Dahl! The woman is kind, generous and so funny.  Fourth, the darling of Southern Magic (my RWA chapter), Jennifer Echols. We all love her so much. If you love YA books, you've got to read hers. They're wonderfully funny and filled with YA smoldering sexuality.

And, fifth and the biggy for me, it was my first book signing!  I had the pleasure of sharing a book signing table with another debut author, Deborah Kaufman. So cool. We had a lot of fun.  If you're wondering, I'm on the left.

At my author table (where we listen to the speakers and ate lunch) I had my four sister-in-laws and my two beautiful daughters along with my buddy, JoAnn.