Friday, October 14, 2011


Only four more days and Circle of Desire will be downloaded by whoever preordered/ordered it. I liked how the reviewer from RT Book Review, Dawn Crowne, wrote, "This is a dark, gritty story that will grab you by the throat..." For sure, the faint of heart will have a hard time understanding some of the actions of the characters. They live in a world very different from most of us. Everything is an extreme: their feelings, their actions and their sexuality.

I wrote the book to entertain myself. La Femme Nikita was off the air. The new Nikita hadn't started yet, and Alias was adios. The TV series (LFN) came close to being a perfect series. It had action, romance (including the occasional kissing, long looks, and best of all bedroom scenes), and plot twists even I couldn't figure out.  Considering how I frustrate my daughters whenever I would watch a movie or TV show and start telling them what will happen next, that's saying something.  You see, my girls would ask, "Have you seen it before?" Because I was most often right about my guesses. And I would say, "No." They would wonder how I did it. As I told them, "After you read so many books, you recognize the set ups." 

So I wanted to be sure to write one that had a twist or two that was unexpected. Not sure if I accomplished that, but I do know I enjoyed it when Dawn added, "[Y]ou will be blown away by the story's stunning intensity."  Wow! She's good.