Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cross-Eyed From All The Fun Of Promotion

Wow! I have done ten blog posts this month. And that's not counting the ones here.  It takes up a lot of my precious time.  Working full time (with overtime) leaves only a few hours. Plus I try to participate in family functions.  Though I've blown off two for the weekend to get all my work caught up (posts and writing on Circle of Danger).

So be ready to check out the last two on this blog tour, and then be prepared for November 8. I believe I will be at talented and sweet Cynthia Eden's blog on my paperback release date. She and I will confirm this Monday. Then followed by Avery Flynn's blog on November 9 and Mary Freeman's Blame It On The Muse November 11.  That last one will be on 11/11/11.  Cool, huh?

November 5, I will be at Southern Magic's Romance Readers Luncheon at the Harbert Center.  You still have time to sign up.  Click here for more information.  You get lots of free books!

Then that should be all of my promotion for this year.  I need the break and time to write. Hopefully, I will complete Circle of Danger soon and then move on to the third book in The Circle Series.  It hasn't sold, but if I have half or all of it written when it's time to negotiate, that can only be good all the way around. 

Somewhere along the way, I would like to finish an historical I have that's doing very well in the contest circuit.  Now that I'm published, I can't enter it just anywhere. Most contest don't allow current published authors to enter no matter what. but there are a few that allow authors to enter into categories they're not published in.  So I can no longer enter unpublished books in the Romantic Suspense and Erotica categories.  Though I can enter my published books in several contests specifically set up for them.

Anyway, I just received the news THE CAGED HEART (my medieval) finalled in another contest (Hot Prospects).  So awesome!  Makes my heart happy.

Okay.  No more fooling around.  I have one more blog post to write and then I should have time to work on Circle of Danger. I know what happens next and really want to hurry to finish it.  I'm so close to the end, I could throw a rock at it.

Talk with you soon.  Make time to read!