Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Special Trip Worries

Last week, I worried about getting sick or having an accident or even monster pimples. Yes. I have to worry about those still. Why was I more worried than usual? Christy Reece and I planned to go to the Georgia Aquarium and then to the Moolight and Magnolias conference's book signing.

Well, everything went fine until Friday afternoon. I received a call from my youngest. She was feeling unwell and at the doctor's. Turned out to be acute appendicitis. I left work and met her and her boyfriend (he picked her up as we were on opposite sides of town) at the hospital.

By 9 that evening, she was in surgery. Everything worked out okay. She had to spend the night but she'd decided to recover at her boyfriend's house. She's 23 and adult. So what could I say? Plus, I really wanted to go though I felt bad leaving her. Yet, I knew if I cancelled, I wouldn't even see her. 

Anyway, the trip was wonderful. My daughter is fine. And I hope Christy and I get to do something together again soon.  Here are a few pictures at the book signing. 
Dianna Love - the woman is a ball of energy. Fun to be around.
Kim, Sherrilyn's sweet assistant
One of the kindest people I know, Sherrilyn Kenyon