Monday, October 25, 2010

Yummmy Covers

I love how the romance book industry has finally gotten the right idea about book covers. No, I’m not talking about the generic covers of landscapes or flowers. I’m talking about the covers with only gorgeous men. They can be fully clothed, shirts wide open or stark naked. I just loved them.

Use to most romance novels had couples on them, with the woman showing her overflowing lovelies for all to gander and the guy fully clothed, staring off in the distance, like the woman didn’t even exist. Then someone at Johanna Lindsey’s publishing house got smart. They would show the woman half dressed as usual but the man would be naked, staring down the woman at his feet. Now they were getting the idea. I didn’t read the novels for the beautiful women, it was the MEN!

Then the last few years, I noticed it first on Sherrilyn’s books, the publishers realized women do indeed loved looking at men. The covers of half clothed men appeared. I didn’t even care that some books didn’t have the men’s faces on them. For that part I always stuck my husband’s face on them anyway. My husband has a nice body, but he doesn’t have ten hours a day to workout and sculpt abs like on the cover models…though most are airbrushed in. Sorry, ladies.

But I’m very happy the publishers finally got the idea. Oh, yeah, I’m so very happy.