Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old Standbys

I have a few books I love to read over and over again. Rainbow Season by Candice Camp (w/a Lisa Gregory) is one. Some basic stories, no matter who writes it (as long as it's good), never gets old.

Today, I was watching a movie with a classic tale of a fat boy who did good and became slim and handsome and returns to his hometown determined to show the girl he loved what she missed out on. The fat boy you can sub in bad boy and it would be like so many of the romance books I love to read.

In fact, it gave me a great idea of a new book. So instead of starting on it (like I use to in the old days), I jotted down the concept in my file called "Miscellaneous." This is actually the second file I started with miscellaneous thoughts. The other one I have saved on a flash drive and some of the ideas I've already used separately or combined in a few of my stories. It sure comes in handy and keeps you from forgetting that next great story.