Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Open It!

At where I work, they have a great virus scan that stores away the spam mail and deletes it after a period of time. They do it that way just in case an email I actually need gets thrown into the folder. Anyway, for the heck of it, I decided to check out what was sitting out there and I was amazed how many, easily two hundred, were sent in a 24 hr period.

I guess people somewhere open those emails and purchased the things they’re selling. Surely, the quantities would be less if they didn’t.

What struck me so funny was the subject lines. Of course, you have the usual, “Be a stallion in bed,” “Great sex for free,” and “Last longer for free.” Then there are the ones you can tell they’re translating and doing it poorly, “Professional Man Snake hardeners,” or “Maximize Your Man Snake.” Eeek! Keep that snake away from me! LOL!

And where do they get off with telling me, “Erectile issues are not your fault”? I know that. I don’t own one. Unless you count…nah, we ain’t going there. They obviously think only men are interested in sex and are the only ones on the internet.

I do wonder if I clicked on all of those spam emails, would I have a great sex life and clear skin? I do know if that was true I certainly wouldn’t need the anxiety pills they offer.