Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sugar And Spice

Is it easier to be mean or nice? I think it depends on the person and their outlook on life. I know some days I have no problem giving people the benefit of the doubt. Those days I feel good and love how it feels being kind and making someone smile. I feel good about myself and firmly believe I can accomplish anything.

Then those other days come along, the ones I could pinch babies and kick dogs. I don’t like myself and I make others suffer along with me. No kindness or consideration of others cross my mind. I feel that dark cloud suffocating me with its negativity. I hate those days and thankfully they are few and far in-between.

So, the question was, is it easier to be mean or nice? How much work does it take to be either? The answer is no work at all. But it is the aftermath that gets you. The clean up of hurt feelings and damaged relationships. So I strive to remain positive and when I do get in those terrible funks, I keep my mouth shut and away from people.