Thursday, October 28, 2010

You Are Family!

My sister looked up our family tree and she found that our maternal great and great-great grandfather had the same first name of Valentine. So old world. Love it. They came over in the 1800’s from Germany.

There are two parts of our family tree we can’t search. One you can probably guess is because my father’s mother’s father was an orphan and he didn’t remember anything about his family. Or at least claimed he didn’t. My cynical side showing here. Then my mother’s mother’s family was from the Netherlands and their last name was Smith. You can imagine in the U.S. that’s a very popular name. Unless you have specifics, which most of us don’t, it’s near to impossible to locate that branch of the family. And if you have specifics, why are you looking? Duh.

My sis has done big time research on my dad’s family. They’re mainly Welsh, but with a mix of English, Irish, and Scottish. Can we say United Kingdom?