Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's With Patting The Head?

A strange thing happened to me yesterday, twice. Let me explain. I'm driving to work and the traffic is its usual bothersome, annoying stop and go self. I noticed the lady in front of me talking on her cell phone. Then she proceeds to take her hand off the steering wheel and pat her head several times. Huh? First, she's driving for a few seconds without hands and second, patting her head? No one else is in the car that I could see.

That afternoon I'm returning home and behind a huge SUV (Sh*t Ugly Vehicle), and the driver begins to pat the top of her head several times. HUH? What is this? A new driver signal? A gang sign?

I asked a friend about it and we decided the drivers had "weaves." That's a popular style where the natural hair is braided to the scalp real close and hair pieces are sewed to braids, giving the person fuller and sometimes straighter hair. Sometimes the hair pieces will be numerous braids of a different color. When their head itches and they don't have a hair pin to scratch with, they'll pat their head to stop it from itching.

Well, live and learn. LOL!