Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, I'm Tempted

The last few months, I've let my hair grow out a bit. I usually keep it just below the ears but I was curious to see if it would look better closer to my shoulders. All the time I see women with long hair -- sure most are skinny as a rail though some are curvy real women like me --and I think how feminine they look. I knew there would be a chance it would age me. Long hair does that.

BOY! Did it age me. I look horrible. It was a gradual change not for the good at all. I've been so tempted to cut my hair myself as I'm so tired of it. But since next week is my hair appointment, I guess I can wait. Then I'll get it all cut off...not too short. As overweight I've become, short-short hair would make me look like a watermelon with a plum on top.