Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Writing Books Should You Buy?

A friend of mine has a blog called Books on Writing. I've been enjoying her take on the different books she posts on. The information she shares is helpful in leading you to the better ones.

Like most writers, I have quite a few on the subject and some I wished I hadn't wasted my money. Not that the authors didn't know what they were talking about, they were just boring. I will say if someone recommends a writing book, be sure they have a copy of it and uses it. Don't buy it if they say, "I heard that's a good one." I bought one on that recommendation and regretted it. Who has $10 to $25 to waste?

Of course, most people will not recommend a book they own and don't like.

One I suggest you check out, and I'll apologize if I have already done so on this blog, is SAVE THE CAT! by Blake Snyder. I like his style of explaining things. It's relaxed with a sprinkle of humor. The book is actually for screenwriting but it can be easily applied to novels. I bought it when I read on another person's (can't remember whose) blog how excited she was about the book. The woman claimed it helped her become published. So who can ignore that recommendation?