Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Old Days

Today is the day we celebrate/remember the founder of the company I work for. They bring in a speaker and have song and prayer beforehand. I’ve been here twelve years and never attended the celebration because April is one of the busier months for my territory. I had planned to go for sure this year until I heard the speaker was a former NFL football player. First, I don’t care for football. Second, the last time I listened to a football player give a speech, it was in church. He referred to his good-old-days throughout the sermon and used so many analogies about football, it became ridiculous. I feel sorry for people who had that “great” season and then want to relive it over and over again to whoever will listen. It’s sad that those few short months or years are all they can identify with. I know I’m probably one of the few who feel that way. Then again, I guess that’s more than what I got, huh? LOL! Well, today, I’ll sit at my desk and answer everyone’s phones.