Thursday, April 15, 2010

Food Connoisseur

If you meet me in person, you know I'm a food connoisseur. ::smirk:: It was only in the last few years I tried lamb and found out I love it. Here in the Southern states, pork is king. We also eat beef, chicken and many types of seafood. So lamb is new to us. Anyway, there's a Greek restaurant in Birmingham that a few of us ladies at work like to go to and sit on their patio and eat gyros. They're wonderful.

Not too long after I discovered I enjoy lamb, I visited a new restaurant in my little community and on their menu they offered lamb. I was excited when I ordered by meal. It's casual dinning, so my husband picked up the food and brought it to our table. I looked at my plate and thought "Wow, it looks a lot like chicken." Then I realized they had messed up and given me chicken. I could've complained and taken it back, but the place was packed and I didn't bother.

The next time we visited I ordered it again. And once more they messed up the order and gave me chicken. How frustrating. Our booth was near the front counter and I turned around to look at the menu to see what I was missing, why were they giving me chicken when the menu actually said lamb? Then it dawned on me. It was their child's size meal of chicken called "Lamb plate." LOL!