Thursday, April 29, 2010

Music To Write By

Like many writers, I enjoy listening to music while I write. Whenever I try to write in silence, my creative juices don't cooperate. But light classical can get me going and going and going. I've even been known to put on rock & roll and heavy metal. Usually that's when I'm writing paranormal. I don't know why it works that why, but whatever works I go for it!

I even have a couple books I've written that are based on songs. THE PREACHER'S SON was from a LeAnn Rimes's song, Probably Wouldn't Be This Way. The heroine is a Vegas showgirl who falls in love the preacher's son...he's the typical bad boy. At least that's what the town believes. Click on the video below and listen. Another book I wrote, A SHERIFF TO CALL HER OWN, is a take off of Eric Clapton's I Shot The Sheriff. The heroine accidently shoots the sheriff in a small town. Thankfully it only grazes his arm. Her brother is in jail accused of fatally shooting the deputy. The song is also below.