Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's A Small World After All

I've told my girls many times the world is a small place and how you act in one place may affect another part of your life. Examples of the small world.

1. I had a high school teacher who called us Miss So-and-so or Mr. So-and-so and I thought that was so cool to be called by my surname. I guess at the time, he was just out of college and in his first teaching job. I do remember how strict he was in class. Most of the other kids didn’t like him. I thought he was interesting. He was the history teacher and I’ve always loved history. He was the only teacher who ever said I was smart. Considering I made A’s in his class, I can understand why he thought that but I also remember hoping he never found out what I made in my other classes. Years later after moving to a new area, I joined a small church and to my delight he and his family were members. They were super (smart and sweet) and so nice to me.

2. I use to work with a woman who’s last name was Swofford and her husband’s first name was the same as my husband’s. Years later, my hubby received calls at home from people wanting loans. Turns out it was the woman’s husband who was a manager of a credit union. What’s even more amazing is to think people have the guts to look up a bank manager’s home phone number and ask for a loan or complain about being turned down.

3. We received calls and packages for a man who graduated from Mississippi State. We would tell people they have the wrong Swafford and they would argue with us. A couple years later, I was working with a new client in Mississippi and my contact had the same last name. Turned out it was his brother who worked at a local mall in Birmingham and had friends still at Mississippi State. This was before the internet and Google.

4. My oldest daughter had visited a friend’s church and, often what happens afterwards, some of the members came to visit us in our home. I asked if they were related to some cousins’ of my husband. The wife quickly said no. After further discussion, the husband admitted they were. It appears they wish they weren’t.

5. My youngest daughter joined a cheerleading squad and one of the girls had the same last name as my mom’s new husband. The girl's mom was petite and thought a lot about herself. I asked if by chance if they were related to my step-dad. The woman said, "No. No relation." She had such a panic look on her face. Turned out her father-in-law is my step-father's brother. I never brought it up, but my daughter told her daughter. I couldn't help grinning every time her daughter called mine cousin. LOL! You know by this time, I was wondering what's up with these people? I lived in a nice house, drove a decent car and had a good job. Same with my husband. What is wrong with this picture? Why are people so certain they're not related to mine or my husband's family? LOL!

6. One of my co-workers mentioned a church he and his wife went to for many years before they moved. It turned out to be the one I grew up in and my husband and I were married in. So I started asking if he knew different people I knew from there. Turned out his wife graduated from the same high school as me but a couple years later and he's close friends with a cousin of mine. Then over the next few months we found out we knew so many of the same people. It was strange. We wondered why we'd never met before. Too funny.

7. On a family vacation (without our eldest), I walked down to the beach to pick an umbrella to sit under. The area was little crowded but luckily I found two chairs and umbrella available not far from the hotel's ramp. I noticed a couple with no kids on the right and another couple with little ones on the other side. After about an hour of reading and enjoying the gulf breeze, the woman on the right leaned over and said, "Hey, Carla, how you doing?" She was my eldest's best friend's mom.

8. When my eldest was taking her license test, the state trooper who rode with her was a female and looked so familier to me. Turned out she was the wife of an old boss of mine.

9. The owner of the golf course near my home was married to my step-brother's ex-wife. I doubt they even realized who I was the couple times I met them.

10. I met three of my writing chapter buddies at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport. They were flying back to Birmingham from San Francisco and hubby and I were flying back home from Seattle. Sure they were going back to the same place, but the airport was huge.

There are so many more small coincidences. Only proves you better behave yourself. You never know who's watching.