Thursday, April 1, 2010

Speak Out!

At the April meeting of my writers' group, I'm to present "Don't Let The Internet Catch You In Its Web." Yeah, it's a corny title, but I thought what the hey. It does give you an idea of what I plan to talk about.

Speaking of presentation, I'm one of those rare people who don't mind getting front of a crowd and talking. I came to that realization many years ago when my minister asked me to give a testimony in front of the congregation. So I wrote a poem about our little church. There were just a little over 100 members. I even thought about rapping the poem. Yep. Rap. I had enough sense not to try. Considering how uncoordinated I am, that’s a good thing. Anyway the poem was a hit and I was hooked. No. Not hooked on writing poems but speaking in front of crowds. Though I was nervous as all get out (southern term), I liked the positive experience.

Then I really became brave and started teaching Sunday School. I've taught teenagers and adults. Teenagers were fun but adults really drive you to learn more about the Bible.

Later, I realized as long as I'm familiar with the subject I'm okay and enjoy the attention. Yep. I can be a big ham about it and I even admit it to my friends.

Now you're probably wondering why I'm telling you all of this. Well, I was thinking today that when I was a little girl with a stutter, I never dreamed I would enjoy talking in front of an audience. Even now when I mispronounce or can't even pronounce a simple word that I know a meaning to, it doesn't bother me. There are probably a few people who roll their eyes but overall most of the people are glad it isn't them