Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

A wonderful and sweet author, Lyn Stone, once gave a presentation at my writers group meeting about how it was to be a published author. One of the things she talked about was how people who you thought were your friends would change. In fact, they will accuse you of changing. When actually the only part of you that had changed was your attitude. You're happier.

So far, none of the people I think of as a friend has done that to me. Thank you, Lord. But I have found when I'm at my happiest, the devil will do his best (through other unknowing people) to bring me down.

Phooey on you, devil!  I ignore those silly antics and continue with my happy time.

Today, I found out my historical romance, THE CAGED HEART, is a finalist in the TARA contest.  It's the little book that could.  LOL!

Take that!