Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Date

My youngest daughter went on a date tonight. Sure she's twenty-three and dated several young fellows, but sadly this is the first "real" date she's ever been on. Let me explain.

In high school, she liked several boys and they would come over and they would hang out together. Sometimes a group of them would go to the movies or over to another friend's house. Later as she got older, the current boyfriend would come over and they would go out, but usually she would drive. The boy either didn't have a car or it wasn't dependable as hers. And one in particular we liked, didn't have a decent job and was horrible at paying his bills.

Then she went to college and same thing. Group dates and her having the best car. Yes. We made sure she had a decent car so we wouldn't worry.

Now she's back home. She "dated" a guy from her college, but he was a bum. I didn't like him at all and thankfully my girls most times listen to me.  She broke up with him.

For about nine months or so, a guy from an out of state college and her "dated" whenever he came to town.  He had family nearby. They went everyone in her car or she would meet him somewhere.

Then she met a young fellow through some friends at work. He has a good job (plus). He owns a decent automobile (plus). He's polite (plus). Lives in town (plus). And he actually came and knocked on the door, hugged me, shook my husband's hand and they actually went to the Botanical Gardens. 

Is that cool or what?  Now that's a date.