Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mom's Not Cool And When The Freak Did That Happen?

And When Did I Get Old?

Hanging out with my daughters today and we were talking about movies, actors, and preferences, I couldn't remember names or movie titles. What's up with that? I've always had a problem switching names or words around, but getting them wrong?! That's what my mom use to do and I remember thinking how out of touch she was. This shouldn't be happening. I watch all the latest movies and read Entertainment Weekly. I read YA for goodness sakes!

I don't like feeling out of touch. I need to hang out with them more often so they can get me up to speed.

My oldest daughter is one of my beta readers and she's caught some of my old lady sayings and thoughts. Like the guy is surprised when the heroine isn't a virgin. She said no guy is surprised by that. They would be surprised if she had been, especially if she's twenty-something and halfway decent looking and in the States.