Monday, June 20, 2011

What Has Carla Been Up To?

I've been posting very little lately. Sorry. The last two weeks have been filled with things to do.  First, was my first Readers' Luncheon at the Heart of Dixie in Huntsville, AL.  We wore tiaras in memory of Beverly Barton.  She will be missed.  I'm the huge one, 3rd row back. The purple jacket had 3/4 sleeves and wasn't as hot as it looked. I had wanted to looked extra dressed up for the occasion

The above was on June 4.  The week before I was working like crazy pulling together my author basket along with some goodies to give those who sat at my table. Kind of made up for sitting with someone who was a debut author and her book wasn't out yet.  Family and friends sat with me.  I was happy.

Then I went on vacation from June 11-18. We had a great time.Look at the pictures I took from our patio (balcony). Wow! It was beautiful.

First morning there.

Last morning.

My grandson wanted to try his hand at taking pictures. So this is what he took along with a few of the floor and one of some chairs.  Those I deleted. I'm sure he won't mind.

His boogie board.
His suitcase. Cute, ain't it? It's a SUV.
His new Tony Stewart diecast car his papa bought him.
Then when I got back from vacation and turned around the next day and drove to my dad's for Father's Day.  He's living in a little house on his property. He had someone renting out the big house as it was too much for him to take care of. His little house is just right for him and he's got it fixed up like he wants -- big screen TV and all.
That's his little dog, Susie Q.

Now I need to get more writing done. Believe it or not, I did a lot while I was with all my family on vacation, but need so much more done. I gave myself until mid-August to finish book #2.  It may be more like end of August, but that's still not bad. Then I'll edit for a month or so. My contract deadline reads March 1 but I hate waiting until the last minute and rushing.