Monday, August 2, 2010

A Good Quandary

I have a good quandary. During the conference, my appointment with the agent was cancelled as her flight was cancelled.

In this case, this was a good thing. As I had only one appointment left to attend and that was with an editor. And she asked for TWO FULLS. Let me explain. I met with the nice editor and gave her my pitch. She asked for the full of that one and then said, "I'm not sure if you've heard of Nocturne Bites..."

I said, "Yes, actually I have and I'm so glad you mentioned it. I sent in a short story to the email address on the website last December. I know I could've inquired on why I didn't received an answer by now, but I really didn't want to bother anyone about it. I guessed it had gotten lost." I have to say one of the best things about Harlequin, is that they will send you a rejection, even if it takes three years. Yes. I got one for a submission from that long ago.

She then said, "Please send that one to me too."

I was thrilled. It's a cute little female vampire story and it would tickle me to no end if they bought it. That would at the least get my toe in the door. LOL! I'll probably have a heart attack if they want the big manuscript too.

Okay, you're asking what about the quandary I mentioned in the my title? Well, during the time I was at Orlando I received two emails. One from an agent wanting to see more of the book I queried on. The other was from an editor rejecting a book, but asking for more. OH. MY. GOODNESS! Just too much joy. No, no, no. Never too much when it comes to my writing. Loving the joy here.

Oh, all of the above involves FOUR manuscripts!! Pray for me.

Can you imagine if I had to prepare another manuscript for the other agent if she hadn't cancelled? I would be pulling my hair out. Though I'll keep her in mind for later, if this other one doesn't like my book/writing.

Now back to work...