Monday, August 30, 2010

Bitter Much?

Whenever I receive scores back from a contest, I read the lowest one first. Not because I like to punish myself, but I want to know what it was about my story the judge disliked so much. I can tell you if none of the other judges say the same thing, I just put it down as a bitter judge. You know, the one who feels everyone else is being published but her. (It's usually an unpublished writer who gives me ugly scores.) Or is published (rarely) and seeing all her friends getting the multi-contracts "without trying."

In this contest, the lowest judge (pun intended) said, "It made the story silly." She was talking about my first person POV though she said something about it being in second person. Huh? There were way too many I's. Obviously she needs to look up the definition of Second Person.

She also talks about wanting to know when the story was set. Even after writing "the story is obviously in current time." I'm sure she meant present time. So what's the problem? Some people get a little carried away is all I'm saying. Why would I say the year or that's present time unless I have a first chapter happening years before--I didn't.

The other scores were good and the judges gave me a few worthy comments. The bitter one only gave the two above with two comments on the manuscript. One of the comments was snarky. Life is way too short to act that way.

Well, I feel better. Sometimes I just have to get it off my chest.