Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everyone Has The Same Amount Of Time

I'm a patient person. People have even told me that before. But it appears the higher your pay grade, the more you believe your time is more important than mine.

For example, doctors. You make an appointment, you wait in their waiting room and that's after you politely arrive five to ten minutes early. Then fifteen to thirty minutes after your appointment time, they take you to a private room and you wait another five to twenty minutes. Naked with only a sheet over you. Then they come in the room acting like they want to break a land speed record. You get five to ten minutes of their time and they're out of there.

This week I'm on jury duty. I'd forgotten how judges act just like doctors. Their time is more important than others. We gotten to expect the judge to be late. So when he tells us a fifteen minute break, that's judge speak for thirty.

I know other people have problems with being late but all I can say is that they are not respectful of me and those who depend on them.

Okay. I'll get off my little red wagon now.