Monday, April 23, 2012

Is It Better To Be Rich Or Poor?

As I'm apt to do, I was reading a little article that pop up on my laptop's sidebar about lottery winners and the title was Can Winning The Lottery Buy Happiness? 

Personally, I've been poor (more than once) and middle class (for a few years before the crash) and never rich. When I was a kid, my dad made pretty nice money, and we were certainly considered upper middle class for a short time before my parents divorced, not rich by any means. Of course, I remember after that having lots of meatless meals. We didn't do without, but we didn't take the nice vacations like we use to. Dad and his new wife and family did. He would promise to take us kids but rarely came through. C'est la vie. His wife didn't like us around much and since they were married, he knew it was best not to press. It would've made our lives miserable too.

But I wouldn't mind winning the lottery. I would like giving it a try and being rich. Sure, some family members would act like horses' pa-tooties, that's a given due to other things that happened in the past. Of course, I would share if it was enough money after I gave some to my two girls, but even if I did, someone would get upset. Definitely a given.

Anyway, I would do some of the things Linda Howard's character in her book BURN did. Not tell a soul until I hired a money manager (or whatever they're called - it's been a while since I read the book) and then live off the interest. So I wouldn't necessarily live high off the hog as they say in the South, but I would travel and not worrying as much about regular bills like groceries and gas for my car.

What would you do with your money? Let's say $10 million?